Hurrah! We are 2!

Two years ago, we officially opened our online shop to the world and took the first step to making you eat your breakfast right! If I could hit the pause button in my life's journey, it's moments like this that truly defines the person I am today. I was simply brave and took the plunge of my life. Perhaps, this is still after all a silly dream, but it's MY DREAM.

The Edible Co may not be a big company but we have big dreams. We want you to look at the food you eat and make the right choices. We want to feed you good food like how our mothers fed us and most of all, we want to take away all the mass machineries and replace it with happy hands. Our mission is simple - good food for good people. 

Thank you for coming onto this ride with us. Keep supporting and spreading our word for YOU are the reason why we exists. Happy Birthday to us!




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