Daddy 71st birthday

Daddy - the single reason that kickstarted The Edible Co.

His triple bypass 13 years ago affected me greatly which led me to relook into my own life. I started exercising more, watched what I ate and more importantly, I cared about what went into my food. It was a complete lifestyle change not just for me but for my whole family. 

For those who have or are trying to change the mindsets of their parents, older folks in general, should know that it is tough, so so tough! Loads of arguments, tears and a long road. Patience and the bigger picture got me through. 

Daddy and Mummy                                                       Daddy and his new plant

Today, my Daddy makes overnight oats for breakfast, eats TEC granola (of course!), updates me on the latest health trends or who my competitors are, drinks a glass of apple cinder vinegar water each morning, keeps active by gardening, going for walks with Mummy and looking after his 4 grandchildren.

My parent's garden is flourishing with herbs and some vegetables that my mother uses in her food - chili, keffir lime, lime, aloe vera, curry leaves, moringa, brinjal, thai basil and now, attempting haberneros and pumpkin. It makes me really proud and happy to see how far we have come as a unit. 

Although he is still on medication for diabetes, I am glad he is now eating better and feeling empowered to make better choices. 

Morning gardening


Can you describe yourself in 3 words? 

Honest, Humble & Thrifty

What changed - before bypass and now?
Food of course. I have more knowledge of the things I eat. I google a lot and watch tons of Youtube videos about nutrition, diet and about diabetes. Before, I just eat whatever I want without thinking. 
How hard was it for you to start eating healthier in your 60s? Biggest challenge?
The first six months after bypass was the hardest. I was put on a strict diet (by my daughter) and had to give up on a lot of the foods that I love. It is not easy because I felt that since life is short, and I am getting older so I should be able to enjoy whatever I wanted.
The thought of wanting to not only live longer to be with my grandchildren but to live longer feeling well was what made me change. I do not want to be sickly and miserable, so I took baby steps through the years. Biggest challenge was having to control cravings of all the good food around. 
Tell us a little about what you normally have for breakfast?
My usual overnight oats topped with granola + chia seeds + sometimes fresh fruits, a cup of Kopi O and a slice of wholegrain bread. 
What's your overnight oats recipe? 
It is easy. I use a small jar and fill half of it up with whole old-fashioned rolled oats (not quick cooking oats), pour in milk and/or yogurt. If I have some juice or coconut water, I add some in for flavour. Add in chia seeds, almonds or walnuts. I do this the night before. The next morning, I top it with some crunch from The Edible Co's granola and fruits. I have no choice but to eat the granola that my daughter makes! Haha
What's your favourite indulgence of all time? 
Chendol, Ice Kacang, Chocolates. I think I have a sweet tooth! Haha
What is your daily routine?
I go to the market with my wife, wait! I mean I am just my wife's chauffeur when she does her marketing and shopping for the family. I am basically really her driver and her carrier of bags. Haha. I hardly go to the office much as the business is handled mostly by my son. And so, I spend my days looking after my grandchildren, picking them from school, looking after the garden, walking and moving so I can reach my goal of 10,000 steps a day to fulfil my Fitbit & AIA Vitality step goals. 
You inspired a brand. How do you feel?
My daughter will be reading this so I have to say positive things right? Ha! I am happy that her granola and what she started from our home kitchen is going far. More people should start knowing that the commercialised cereal brands contains so much sugar even though it says 'only wholegrain' on the box. Read the find prints. 

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