• Salt Awareness Week

      Happy Salt Awareness Week everyone! I know, when someone mentions salt, we associate it with negative thoughts such as ‘hypertension’, ‘water retention’ and the list goes on. Quite on the contrary, moderated consumption of salt CAN be good and essential for you too! There are just so many di... View Post
  • Daddy

    The Edible Co began a few years ago to feed our family right. And because it's our 4th anniversary around the corner, we speak to the person that inspired this whole journey. View Post
  • Paint yourself beautiful

      This is a new year. A new beginning. And things will change. But only if you let it happen. A chance to restart, on a blank canvas. It can be full of things that have never been, or things that will always have its spot. Whatever it will be, make it count.  The Edible Co was my new beginnings... View Post