• Hands up who has heard of Kefir or milk kefir? I am amazed that kefir is not that known in Singapore and that it does feel like those who are consuming and growing kefir are keeping it under wraps - on purpose.  At The Edible Co's household, we celebrate this amazing probiotic rich grain by feed... View Post
  • What is Granola?

      granola ɡraˈnəʊlə/ noun NORTH AMERICAN a kind of breakfast cereal resembling muesli. derogatory denoting people with liberal or Green political views, typified as eating health foods.modifier noun: granola The main difference between granola and muesli is that one is toasted to perfecti... View Post
  • I find any excuses for the need to buy new plates, bowls, serving boards, jugs, mugs, pots, spoons.... And I am sure I ain't alone on this.  Food just looks so much more appealing when presented in a nice cutlery.  1) De Beco’s “Breakfast Bowls” for Bernardaud   2) Williams Sonoma Rooster F... View Post