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The Breakfast Subscription Project (Currently only available if you are working within the MBFC Towers and Asia Square Buildings)

Choose between Cat "A" or "B" or "Gluten-free" and each category will consist of designated 50g flavours for each of the 3 days as such:-

 Tues - GF Ginger & Fig
Wed - GF Honey Chia Pepitas
Thurs - GF Chai Spice
You can choose between Meiji Fresh Milk 200ml or Marigold Low Fat Yogurt 140g. Or opt to top up for a HIC Nut Milk Xg. Once chosen, the flavours and milk/yogurt/nut milk will be fixed for the entire duration. 
The breakfast pack will be delivered to your office reception labelled with your name between 8-930am every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 


  1. You can change between Cat A & B  and between milk & yogurt every week by writing in before noon on Thursday, the week before. Any requests received after noon on Thursdays will not be reflected until the week after next. 
  2. Cancel your subscription by giving us a full month's notice. Email to
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