Good Ol' Vanilla Granola

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A delicious blend of rolled oats, almond slices and raisins makes this a good enough reason to rise early every morning. Naturally sweetened with honey, this is made better with aromatic vanilla and baked to perfection.

We guarantee this will soon be your go-to flavour. Eat it for breakfast or as a snack. 

Ingredients: Whole rolled oats, Sunflower seeds, Honey, Extra virgin olive oil, Almonds, Raisins, Pure vanilla extract, Organic himalayan salt




The Edible Co. granola comes in a 250g kraft paper bag. Best before 90 days. Store in cool and dry place, in an air-tight container or refrigerate for longer freshness. 

  • Because our goods are made with only the natural goodness, it contains zero preservatives, colourings, refined sugars or any added stabilisers. Due to our humidity, the nuts and oats will soften over time but still totally edible.
  • Manufactured in an AVA licensed food facility with ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Certification and with Halal Certification by MUIS.
    Allergens: Tree Nuts 
    This product is made in a facility that handles dairy, wheat, tree nuts, eggs and soy.