Ginger & Fig Granola (Gluten Free)
Ginger & Fig Granola (Gluten Free)
Ginger & Fig Granola (Gluten Free)

Ginger & Fig Granola (Gluten Free)


It's almost guaranteed that the best food comes from the kitchens of our mothers and this is a homage to them.

Jam-packed with good-for-you ingredients that will keep your heart ticking. Ginger for the tummy, wolf berries as antioxidant and figs for the bones. Goes perfect with any milk. This is a no-nut granola. 

Ingredients: Gluten free whole rolled oats, Ginger, Sunflower seeds, Extra virgin olive oil, Honey, Figs, Pumpkin seeds, Wolfberries



The Edible Co. granola comes packed in an easy-to-close kraft paper bag that’s both good for the environment and your soul.

  • Stays solid in the bag for up to 90 days. Store in a cool, dry or in an air-tight container or refrigerate for longer deliciousness. 
  • Because our goods are made with only 100% natural goodness, it contains zero preservatives, colourings, refined sugars or any added stabilisers, please be aware that due to our humidity, the nuts and oats will soften over time but totally still edible. 
  • We use Bob's Mill Gluten free rolled oats. A reliable brand from America with over 30 years being in the business. Read more about Bob's Mill's rolled oats here and here.
  • Every care is taken to prevent cross  contamination during production.
  • Produced in a meat - free kitchen and contains no eggs or dairy products.  
  • This product is vegetarian friendly, gluten free, dairy free, nut free.