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Customer reviews

  • "Punch Drunk Love for Chocolate Crunch! - I was at the WTA Finals last night, and I knew I'd want something to snack on during the match. Even though I had a lovely tagliatelle meatball and caprese dinner, I snuck this pack in and devoured it all within a set - I couldn't stop myself. Maybe I didn't want to stop myself. The chocolate is so naturally delightful, and its coverage of each nuts give a slight chew - which I love. It was the perfect dessert, and it quelled any craving that might have arisen for crappy Indoor Stadium junk like buttered popcorn and sad hot dogs."
    - Desiree K
  • "Coconut Gula Melaka Granola - The combination of gula melaka and coconut is a match-made in heaven. What an awesome idea to combine those flavours into a granola. Healthy eating has never tasted so good!"
    - Adeline Chow
  • "Been having ‘the edible co’ granolas with yoghurt for breakfast for the last few years and still loving it. My favourite flavors are cranberry almond and apricot pistachio. The nuts are roasted perfectly and they don’t scrimp on the ingredients. Granolas don’t get better than this"
    - Simon Tan
  • "Awesomely delicious kids biscuits!!! I couldn't stop at 1 and have to control from finishing all at one go!"
    - Cythia C.
  • "I usually have plain cashews and almonds as pre-lunch snacks. Had no clue what activated nuts were but decided to give these a shot. And now, I'm never going back to the plain old ones. Not because these are meant to be healthier but because they are crunchy and tasty without too much salt or sugar."
    - Shobaa
  • "Pistachio Cranberry biscotti is a wholesome snack at a affordable price! Once you start you can’t stop!"
    - Jacqueline C
  • "Maple Honey Pecan Granola - Great product! Love it! Tastes great balance of sweetness and the ingredients."
    - Peter O

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